Available or Addicted?

Social media is a delicate balancing act. Here's why you should be available enough to respond if a Fortune 1000 CEO asks to buy your company on Twitter:

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Today’s big question: are you available or addicted?

Someone I'll spotlight today was available enough to respond to a tweet that led him to sell his start-up to a Fortune 1000 company. All of this off the back of a tweet. 🐦

There’s value to being available. But addiction is the default option when we don't have proper guardrails.

This Week’s Setup:

🆘 Problem: You want to stay updated on trends and opportunities, but you keep wasting time.

💡 Solution: Become available without being addicted. Build an action plan for the future.

🗺 Next play: Create frameworks to prevent addiction and practice seeking and responding to opportunities.

The Power of Being Available

Ben Tossell, the founder of Makerpad, made a Tweet that changed his life. 

He was quite active on Twitter, and last fall, he tweeted about the top tools used by Makerpad users. The tweet started to get some attention.

Then someone tagged the top two brands and said, you should look at buying Makerpad. Then the CEO of Zapier, Wade Foster, saw the tweet and asked Ben to link up for a chat; “great idea!” he said.

Then Zapier acquired the company, Makerpad, after some conversations with Ben:

Ben was quite surprised, as an indie hacker, that just from the art of sharing and conversation and someone else connecting them, his company was literally bought off of a tweet. 

This is a great example: both of these people, Ben and Wade, were available on social media with a brand presence where their community could connect them. 

But they’re not addicted to social media. Because they’re running a company. Both of them.

The Happy Medium

How can we set up vehicles of communication, relationship, and community so that we can be available for great opportunities when the time strikes… instead of being consumed and addicted to never getting off our devices?

A happy medium needs to be seen, especially for the CEOs and founders.

We need to set up systems to be available instead of becoming addicted:

  • ❌ Addicted: Your phone’s always in your pocket, and you’re non-stop scrolling at the latest posts on all social platforms. You can never be fully present with those who are closest to you in life. This is a dangerous spot to be.

  • ✅ Available: If you’re on a podcast, out to lunch, or your company gets mentioned in the media, you have a storytelling vehicle to use for sharing your personal narrative on social media, without wasting time or effort.

You want the second option. You want a tactical action plan that you can switch on whenever you need it.

It’s important to have a presence that is trustworthy and able to build rapport with a customer, future partner, or employee.

That’s the whole motive behind developing a personal brand online.  

And by simply being available and checking in a couple of times a day or week, depending on your schedule, you’re able to build a vehicle of trust and rapport with your industry that can leverage an immense amount of power when given the right opportunity.

Just like with Ben Tossell, by simply being available and sharing his top partnerships, he was able to sell his company off a tweet.

Being available to respond to that tweet ultimately changed his life and the trajectory of his business.

You can set yourself up for these kinds of opportunities as well.

In similar ways, markets are literally moving on social media depending on what people do or don’t say (*ahem* Elon), and I think the main question is, How can you build systems where you're able to have a working vehicle of trust and storytelling ready to use?

You need to have the canoe and paddles out so if the current starts, you’re ready to go.

If you’re standing there on the side of the water, with no idea of how to engage on social media, you won’t be ready to go downstream with the current. 🚣

Have the tools ready to go so that if the opportunity strikes, you can be available.

It’s a balance: being available without being consumed.


  • What systems can you set in place to help you be available to opportunities on social media? Eg: Scheduling in specific times to engage with an online community on a specific platform.

  • What habits can you drop to break a social media addiction? Eg: Leave your phone in a different room during meals.


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✌🏻 Joel

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P.S. What are the ways you stay available without getting addicted? Drop your habit in a comment below.