The Creativity Red Pill 💊

Creativity seems easy from afar, but when you zoom in, it's a maze. Let’s learn how to figure out our way.

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A profound thought from novelist, Julio Cortázar has stuck with me through the years: 

“All profound distraction opens certain doors. You have to allow yourself to be distracted when you are unable to concentrate.” 

This is a good reminder that: often, what we see as a distraction, is actually an opportunity. Quite surprisingly, it fits perfectly with the way we think about creativity. 

For Skimmers

🆘 Problem: You suffer from creative block, lack of good ideas, and boring content 

🩺 Diagnosis: You’re rushing or forcing creativity 

💡 Solution: Build systems that nurture your creative self. Let yourself run free without feeling pressured to produce “good” stuff. Celebrate the process instead of solely eyeing the results. 

Most of us rush our creativity. I am no different. Until this year, I was in the same boat.

This spring, I flipped my script. The main goal I put my foot down on:

Deciding I was going to be 30 mins early for every task, meeting, and dinner I had. The result? I’ve had more creative space than ever this year.

Quick story:

I turned that goal into a simple LinkedIn post that took me 2 minutes to write in my car, while it was warming up the defrost.

It turned out, the goal I stood up for resonated with a ton of people:

We have been doing it wrong all along. 

Instead of forcing ourselves to be creative, we need to give our minds the space to feel calm and wander.

The best ideas strike when we least expect them.

I’d like to touch on 3 ways that will help you conquer your creative blocks: 

1. Set up a system that enables creativity to thrive: 

You sit in front of your laptop and assume that ideas should just fall out of your head. We all wish it was that simple. Instead, test and build routines that help sustain your creative power. 

For some people, taking a long walk and spending time in nature works, for some people journaling, for some reading might work, and for some, engaging in conversations.

The answer to the question, ‘“How to be more creative?”, isn’t “Do more”, it’s “Ask more”. Curiosity fuels creativity. 

Figure out when you have felt at your creative best? Then, iterate it. Consistency can beat everything. 

Reps by Visualize Value

2. Test & pounce your creativity:

A quick mindset shift challenge for you: Stop trying to “perfect” your content and just ship it. 

Let your creativity run free (Just like Phoebe below): Tweet tons of ideas, skip the editing process, share raw stories, write as you talk, experiment different content formats, stop restraining yourself to fit into “one” type of tone and just let your personality shine through.

 3. Cherish & celebrate the process: 

Self-doubt is the enemy of creativity. 🔪 Start believing in the potential of your voice and ideas. 

You have to care enough about your ideas to write them down no matter how vague or senseless they seem. 

Accept your creative process, instead of trying to imitate someone else’s. Don’t discard your ideas because they don’t seem to fit some external scale/standard. 

Here’s a mindblowing video I watched a few days ago & it successfully flipped my approach towards creativity. (If you’ve got time, I highly recommend it!)


The most beautiful sports venues in the world… 


Something for you to ponder upon: (Via JamesClear)

Do I actually need more information or do I simply need to act on the information I already have?

Send in your responses as a reply; I read each one. 

Stay outta’ trouble and catch you next week.

 ✌🏻 Joel

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